The Fiber Gods are Kind Today

Take one pool party, add 6 pooches, and get yarn.   (I’m not quite sure how that works out mathmaticaly, but I’m o.k. with it.)
Sadly there are no pictures of the pooches actually in the pool –  something to do with cameras and water.  However, I can show you:
Baby Reese "I’m not really sure that was fun so I’ll just curl up with my daddy’s dry clothes and wait for him to finish torturing the big dogs."
And Aurora  "There’s not enough dirt in there.  Really."
and Hucklebear "Uh oh.  I think I have to find another corner to hide in."
I assure you that the two red dogs had a fabulous time swimming and bobbing for treats.
As for the fiber part of this post:
I have just inherited 10 ounces and 920 grams (that’s 32 ounces) of Bernat Scandia "the homespun bulky-knit".      
I just noticed that the label says "permanently moth-proofed".  I wonder if that is feltable?  Each unused skein is packaged in a sealed plastic bag.  Its a thick and thin, off-white with darker brown (thin) vein spun in.
I’ll have to figure out the yardage.  And if it felts.  (If it does felt, I shall make a small bag/tote for original owner.  If it does not felt, I’m up for suggestions as to what I can make.) 
And I found a receipt in the bag – from 1972 and it cost $22.73.
There’s no Sunday Creek photo (It would be a Sunday Swimming Pool picture today) but here’s the sky: