In which I had a better title

but it slipped through the swiss cheese that is my brain, and I lost it.


Some of you may know that my sister and I have a … game.

I call her and say “My daffodils are coming up”  or “I mowed the grass today” or “I saw a robin!”


And she says “Fuck you.  I’ve got 23 feet of snow” or “It is minus 35 degrees” or “the turkeys are dead, my  pipes are frozen and my truck is stuck in the snow”  and slams the phone down gently hangs up the phone.


Soooo … last week when I posted the pic of my neighbors zig zaggy sidewalk she sent me pictures of real snow:


This last one looked remarkably similar to the one I took of Aurora, last year:

except Tia is twice-plus Aurora’s size.  (And Naked.  Do you see that?  Her dog has no fur.  In the snow.  And not even a sweater!  Aurora thinks this is a darn shame.)


p.s. Dear Sister,

We saw a flock of robins on Sunday:

(Although, that may not be as good an indicator as previously thought – read here.)

Also:  the skunk cabbage is starting to come out in the (muddymuddymuddy) woods:

And there is green: