Actual Knitting Content

And relatively recent too.*


I’ve always wanted to try this. I love this. And this. And Christian Meindterma’s work is fabulous.

And then I wonder where to find the supplies. And the needles (because the short plastic ones just don’t cut it.)


At Maryland Sheep and Wool, right next to the  Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth is the Still River Mill booth.

They had these cool “bumps” of big wool – intended for weaving.  I wondered about them in 2011. In 2012, someone bought them before I could.


I took care of that over the summer (when it was 120 degrees out and I wanted to knit a giant rug out of super-bulky wool.) (I didn’t say it was sane.)


Then I checked out how to make needles on-line. **



And now I have this:



I can’t imagine it is very durable – the yarn is so loosly spun, it does pill. It is very cushy.  I was hoping for a bedside rug – something to step onto when waking up in the dead of winter when the house is cold. Ned seems to consider it his bed. (We’ll talk.)


*As opposed to the ginormous back log …

**The giant needles work and are kind of cool, but I’ve decided that making a knitting loom would just be easier to work with.