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My email is endlessly entertaining and some things can’t wait

(and that is why I should get back on Twitter.  But I’m not.  So here you go:)

I mentioned ordering pumpkin, yes?  96 large cans to be exact.  (8 cases of 12.) 

(Because it lasts an entire year, until next harvest; that’s why.)

(I heard that snicker!)

So I ordered the pumpkin patch on Monday Morning (let’s say 9 a.m.  ish, EST).

It arrived Tuesday Afternoon (let’s say by 5 pm, EST).   

(People, I couldn’t have picked it up any faster.  And shipping was free.)

So Dude and I laughed and were dutifully amazed and astounded (and Free Shipping!) and he stacked the stuff downstairs to be dealt with “later”.

Today he emails me:

“Ned broke the basement ceiling. He could reach it from the table and pumpkin boxes.”


How does a 15 pound cat break the basement ceiling?

Pictures at 11 after work.


It had to happen

So, ya’ll know about my trial and tribulations obtaining pumpkin, yes?

This is very important to me.  I’ve been keeping an eye on the situation.  (Bottom line:  harvest was good, shortage is over.)

Now, I’m waiting for a sale.

Which usually happens after the Great Pumpkin Pie Eating Festival Thanksgiving.

But given that the stocks were so low as to be non-existent, it hasn’t happened yet.

Today, I looked at Amazon (excellent price but not quite as low as I’d like … but then, shipping is free …)

And then I scrolled down: