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Fifteen pounds of tomatoes

Today this (and much much more)

Was turned into this

Also:  I learned the true reason for this flexible sprayer hose thingy:

(There are a number of modern gadgets I do not comprehend.   Everyone said “we had to have one”.    And I’m all:  “why?”

Oh.  Look.  I found a purpose…  Imagine what I could do to Ned with an unlimited supply.)

p.s.  And another thing:  this was my first time doing water bath canning in this giganto cool big kitchen.

a) it does not get hot like all my little kitchens

b) there was enough counter space for Dude to rewire his robot, at the same time

omg.  Luxury!


10 on Tuesday

This week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is “Ten Things to Take on Vacation.”

And my first response:   /blinking at screen

(I had no idea this would be this hard every week.  I used to read through the posts, and be heartily amused by the witty people who answered, and I wanted to be part of that.  Who knew I wasn’t very funny?)

But, I am unequivocally logical.  So let’s break it down into parts:


What is a vacation?  (And does this mean that 10 Things to take Camping was not a vacation?)

If vacation = not work  then I either go somewhere or I don’t.

If I don’t go anywhere, why do I need to bring anything?

a. the stay-cation: where one does not need to pack a thing

If I go somewhere, where do I go?  I have 3 possibilities:

b. Road TRIP! where one brings everything because it is useful to have and fits in the car

And in the middle (of bringing nothing and bringing everything), there are two more possibilities:

c.  exotic travel (off the grid) – this list would not include the dog and probably involves some limit to the amount of baggage I can carry

d. a Dude vacation (a.k.a. beach vacation or a cruise or something more mainstream than Antarctica)

So I was trying to figure out what I’d pack for each type of trip and what I’d change for each type of trip.

And then I had an insight.  (I like to think of myself as low-maintence.)  (Stop laughing!)

No matter where I am.  NO matter where I’m going, here’s the list:

Necessities (this list varies – depending on destination)

1. dog (or maybe not.  If not, /sad face)

2. reading material (ebook, or audio, or old-fashioned)

3. internet (seems rather light to pack, what with those electrons zipping around, but this requires a computer to access the internet)

4. knitting (an easy-peasy project, something harder, a spare project, something new, and an emergency)

5. appropriate work out gear (sometimes I link this with the canine:  IF canine, then this gear.  IF no canine, then /sad face and that gear.)

6. writing materials

7. camera

8. Dude (who packs his own stuff)

In my ideal world:  #2, #3 and #6 would all be taken care of with one device (with really good battery life) .

That would leave me with 6 things on my list, two of which are self-locomoting.

And that is enough.

p.s. Something else I learned while contemplating this:    my vacations do not generally involve cooking but do involve movement.  I would cook more if I had time and it were relatively easy to do (wrt kitchen setup, food supplies …)

Also, at home I have gardens and felines.  One doesn’t transport well and the other doesn’t really want to.



Some days, I go into the woods with the dogs and it is just magical with life:


damselflies, mating

frogs, croaking

baby fawn prints walking up the muddy creek

young skinks in a tree  (hmmmm … must have been “blue day” in the woods, young skinks and blue damsel flies.  Gorgeous color.)


And other days I remember to bring the camera.

(Embiggen it!)


Stewed Cat for dinner

I have (dare I say it out loud, on the internet?) deep thoughts.
I wonder so many things:  the meaning of life, what I should do next, where did the dinosaurs go.

This morning, over breakfast, Dude and I debated the difference between ‘time’ as a single continuum or a result of space and speed and was time-travel, then, ever really possible and if it was possible, do we then have free-will or are we locked into pre-determined destinies?


Possibly the mind is free to wander while I’m still sorting through yarn (and, yes, every once in a while I wonder “what was I thinking?”)

And I’m still going through the camera card (cards – with an ‘s’.  /ah tedium)  Where I found this:

Now, seriously, I do not doubt WHY Dude has let Ned sit in the dog food pot next to him on the couch (while, apparently, Dude is multitasking (solving some problem on the computer with a SuperSudoku nearby.  (He likes the fiendish ones.)   (Answer:  if it keeps Ned happy, then do it.)

Nor do I wonder WHY Ned thinks this is a good idea.  (Answer:  He’s a cat.)

But why did I think it was a good idea to snap a picture?

Picture taken: September 29,2009 , 8:37 a.m.



I reclaimed the yarn from a friend’s mother’s jacket that had been begun years ago.

22 skeins (2 ounces/55 g each) of Bernat Scandia (Rav link), 100% wool, bulky, thick and thin.

The details on my ball band don’t match Ravelry – but it looks like the same yarn.

Me:  1  Clutter:  69384768364


10 on Tuesday

Ooops:  out of time and may not make the deadline – pix to be added tomorrow.

Edited Fri 7/30 to add pictures:  I realize that this was a total cheat.  I’m sorry.  (/sigh … I came back on Wednesday to add pix and the camera wouldn’t let me have them.  Thursday got busy again.  And tonight I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with the camera/cards/lens.  So many cute pix – >gone.  /so sad.)

I feel overly-qualified for this one – given the last few days :)   (The power was out.)
(And as kmkat said (paraphrased) I have opinons on just about everything and I’m usually willing to share.)
I first wrote this quickly and, upon rereading, went back and edited out all the housework/chores out of it – because I don’t believe that was the intent of the assignment and because there are lots of entertaining things to do without “cleaning” something.
And then I changed my mind again – if I want to clean something, so be it!  (Oh, stop laughing!)

1o On Tuesday – No TV Edition
1.  walk the dog

2. work in the garden

(The garden got flattened in the tornado – this is one where I have the picture, it’s just stuck in the camera.)
3.  do the dishes (that’s code for “put dishes in dishwasher and/or wash what does not go in dishwasher”)  (a.k.a. tidy the kitchen  ** I did not include bake or cook because, although it was possible to cook, without air conditioning – and at  103 degrees – adding heat to the kitchen didn’t seem like a good plan.)

(You don’t really need a picture of my dirty dishes, do you?)

4. read a book

5a. Play with Ned

5b.  Snuggle Nickie

6.  Knit something

7. write a journal, a letter, a list, etc

8. nap

(No picture)

9. clean something  (that’s my personal code for “clutter containment”)

(That is a bag of reclaimed yarn.)

10. take pictures
11.  Dude (Dude is always good for entertainment.)


Off the grid in my own backyard

That was a surprise.

O.k.  I know ya’ll are keeping close watch on my weather this year.  But let’s review:

1.  Snow

2.  Snow

3.  Snow

4.  Earthquake (Did I miss telling you about this one?  Crazy-weird.  I was awake,  drinking coffee.  Ned was hanging out on the island, next to me.  I hear this noise and I had a zillion seconds to try to figure out what it was.   But I couldn’t come up with anything.  I looked at the critters – to see if they were responding and Ned was getting up from a down position  – only his little legs were splayed about as wide as they could go, for stability, and his body was low to the ground.   And the whole room rode the crest of a wave.  Very cool.  Except Nickie hid under the basement stairs for about 6 hours.)

4a.  Thunderstorms:  Absolutely awesome this year.  Possibly more so because Aurora no longer seems to care about them and the kittens are always surprised and amusing.   Especially Nickie – when she’s hanging out on the patio all by herself and a big wind starts up.  She turns into a puff ball and needs cuddling.

4b.  Heat:  I think, I heard that in an average summer, this region has 37 (or 38 or 36) days above 90 degrees F.   We’re at 42 with 6 or 7 weeks to go.   We’ve also topped out the number of days above 100.

5.  Now a tornado?  (I haven’t heard the final analysis but at least 70 mph gusts of wind, and someone was surveying damage to see if it could be called a tornado.)

Like any good office worker,  I had put all the chores off until Sunday evening – just in time for the power to go out.

And out it went.

No electricity.  (Turns out a tree was down and 4 telephone poles were snapped in half.)

No land lines (not, uhm that we have one – but that meant we couldn’t call from a cell to a land line – all switching was of line.)

No AT&T Tower.  No cable or FIOS  (you know, if you had a generator.)

No Air Conditioning.  (Over night lows of 84.  I try not to look a the triple digit highs.   Today’s HIGH was 84.  Which was really nice because I don’t think too many people figured out how bad the storm had been till today.  Yesterday we were all “o.k.  Wind.  Power out.  Hot.  Situation Normal.”   Today we were all trapped in place, with reasonable weather, and talking to each other.)

Things I had left undone in preparation for the week:



charging anything that requires a charge

cooking dog food and assorted harvests

Things I had not left undone in preparation for the week:

After returning from the “dog walk” (during which we waded in the creek), I properly removed my shoes and socks before entering the house and left them on the hothot driveway to dry.

(And then the sky dumped 3.6 inches of rain on them.)

Things I need to think about:

The generator – that I’ve had for the first time in my life (and apparently become way to dependent upon)?

A squirrel got it.

I never expected to find out how attached I was to the internet by staying home.


Wind, Rain, trees, and power

Just as I reached inside the bag and pulled out a skein of blackblack yarn to analyze**, the power went out.


Excellent storm.

(The advance winds were upon us and the dark clouds had forced us to surrender our heat-preventing lethargy in order to to find light.  Dude was checking the internet connection and I was supposed to be getting flashlights.  In the process, I was opening any window covering (closed to block the heat) and watching the storm as I passed through one each room.   And  I was saying “Holy S!!! The wind!  Look at those tree tops moving … oh…  Nevermind.   Trees are down!)

Feline Resting Positions:

That dangling foot wiggles and waves when he dreams.

And that would be Nickie all curled up and comfy inside the metal, slotted, vegetable roasting tray for the grill.

**For the More Organized Knitting Geeks:

I’m sorting through all kinds of yarn – some of my own, some people have given me.  Lots of one or two of a type/colorway.

Analysis is  for content, condition (dirty or clean), need for rewinding, and possibility that I will ever use it or should it leave the house.  I’m sorting into bins/bags of various sizes:


Items finished but needing Felting

Items finished but needing Blocking

Items finished but needing Blogging (In theory, this should be a small bag.  And then whenever I need blog fodder I’ll pull something out, take pix, tell you (and Ravelry) about it and move on.  So far there are 5 pair of socks in the little Blogging bag.)

Stash-I’m-keeping sorted by weight.


1.  Am I missing something?  Is there an easier way to add stash to Ravelry other than one colorway at a time?

2.  How is your stash organized?

I’m thinking – there is stuff for a specific project and stuff not for a specific project

Specific Project stuff should be bagged separately, with pattern (if possible; notes if not)

Not-Specified stuff should be sorted by weight.


Resolution in Progress

In keeping with my New Year’s Resolutions (What??? There’s still Plenty O’Time!),

I started cataloging the stash:

One (giant bag), several comments:

1.  As I was sealing up that up, I was thinking ‘where is the green stuff I got from Brooks Farm Yarn at the MDSWF in 2007?  (or was 2006?).  So I went back to the stash and sorted through a few more bins (found the Moving Mud buttons that were purchased with the yarn.)  and couldn’t find it and sealed the bag anyway and took the picture.

Oh, there it is – the leetle flash of green in the lower right corner.

1a.  OMG.  I just put that yarn in the bag and I don’t remember.

2.  The point of this (big) bag was to gather all the new, enough for a sweater skeins, in one place and catalog it on Ravelry.

2a.  It was kind of cheating-win – more volume for less sorting and cleaning out.

3.  My photostylists (in place for scale) were way more interested in the empty box than the Bag O’Yarn: